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Hello! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted. I know, my blog has been in a zombie state for centuries! >~<

For the secret santa project designed by yansanniang, I made an MV for my person —> cpopismystyle

I know it’s not the entire song of Endless Love by Hu Ge and Bai Bing, but there are links in the description box for the whole entire song. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Hu Ge!!! 2014 <3

hu_ge_2014_birthday (1) hu_ge_2014_birthday (2) hu_ge_2014_birthday (3)


生日快樂,胡歌! xD Happy Birthday. Hope all your dreams come true, looking forward to more and more shows with you as the main lead, or any lead that doesn’t have death roles. And looking forward to seeing many more films that you’ll be directing in the future! Hope you dream comes true. <3

I have to say this again.. I really really love Hu Ge’s hairstyle on pic 2. :D

Similarities of LOCH and SOTS


My similarities of LOCH and SOTS post! To those that don’t know, LOCH stands for Legend of the Condor Heroes and SOTS is for Seven of the Sky. :D I’ll start slowly from one person to another and keep in mind it’s not all of the characters, just some I’ve thought of.


Guo Jing from LOCH 2008

Guo Jing, at the beginning, has a personality that is strongly the same as Digua. They’re both stupid naively innocent, tending to give way to those that bully them. Soon in time, however, they both develop and have some changes in them.

seven_of_the_sky (40)

Xiao’qi from SOTS (2006)

Xiao’qi and Huang Rong are intensely so similar also! They will always have something bad to talk about their parents, usually and in this case, their dads. It seems that both ladies have daddies that won’t let them have their way of things and tend to try and either arrange their marriage or doesn’t allow them to marry. Both daddies are really possessive and stubborn (a really hard thing for Digua and Guo Jing). But surprisingly, both daddies gives in to their daughters in the end. xDD
HR and XQ also tends to be the one to protect their love. Even though Xiao’qi can’t go much for Digua, she was willing to help him get back the slavery contract and his home property, help him get his way, and many other things. Huang Rong, on the other end, helps Guo Jing to practice the 18 Dragon Subduing Palm and many other useful techniques AND she cooks deliciously tasty food!! Along with the fact that since Guo Jing was hanging around with Huang Rong, Guo Jing became immensely smart and powerful. ^-^ Both HR and XQ also tends to revenge for their love if they were bullied by others. Since GJ and DG lets other bullies them, that’s why there’s HR and XQ there to protect. And both of them are smart.. really a good thing when in trouble. :D

seven_of_the_sky (7)

Digua from SOCH (2006)

Digua’s parents in SOTS has a similarity to Yang Kang’s parents in LOCH. Both parents loves each other dearly, and even when they’re dying, they both still hold tight to their partner, and surprisingly.. they both parents died together in both shows.

Hu Ge17

Guo Jing and Huang Rong from LOCH (2008)


The love in these two shows are also something similar. Both loves have this quote along with it, “Your happiness, is my happiness”. As viewed in the shows, Guo Jing wants Huang Rong happy and vice versa. Digua wants Xiao’qi happy, and she wants him happy. This love thing doesn’t only happen between LOCH and SOTS, it also tends to happen in all Tangren shows/movies. Tangren seems to have this belief that true love is when the person you love is happy, even if you’re not happy. (Agree? Agreed. :D)

Plum Blossoms Petals – One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!

Fantasy Zhu Xian (1)

Yesterday or today marks the day of Plum Blossoms Petals’ one year anniversary! I really can’t tell what’s wrong with wordpress… sometimes I post my post and the date is a day earlier… or a day behind.. or whatever, I didn’t keep track much and now don’t know what’s going on and the real date of the anniversary. But.. anyways…I have a few things to say. :D

Well, first of all, I’ve really enjoyed blogging although I might have unfinished works on here which I say I’ll do.. oops, I’m really really sorry about that, apologize alot, hope I can be forgiven. I also have a twitter and tumblr, if you don’t know about that yet, please check it out, there’s not much on it, more of chatting and reblogging but, it’s all cool.


Second of all, if you’re wondering, I started this blog all because of Sapphy’s 30 Day Challenge. And a year after that, which is right now, we’re doing another challenge and it’s based more on general everyday stuff, etc and that challenge is posted on tumblr. By we, I mean Drunkensword, Sapphiresky, and I.

For the year being.. I have been watching shows.. that has changed me, inspired me, motivated me, and I love it! I’ll be sure to still be blogging until the second anniversary comes around!

I also want to thank all my beautiful followers and readers for supporting my blog. I’ve really enjoyed all the talks I’ve had and enjoyed seeing the stats raise all the way!



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I hope we all have a good day and thanks so much for reading this long post of me just rambling on and on. And I’m very happy Plum Blossoms Petals is finally one years old! Wooohoo!! I hope to be better in the future and to develop my skills and talents to further promote Ancient Chinese Series/Wuxia genre. :D




I Hate You!!

Before I start anything, I’ll say I’m watching LOCH right now!! Yayy.. so, I got to a really good episode where it reminded me of SOTS! Unbelievable! I MEAN… THE TWO SCENES ARE SO SO SO SO SIMILAR!!!! I was excited to death! As you can probably guess.. it has something to do with the title. xD

As I was watching episode 19 of Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008, I came upon a scene where Huang Rong is really really mad at Guo Jing and she said she really hates him. Even though Guo Jing is not as smart, he knows that Huang Rong said that because she loves him. ^.^

Huang Rong: 

legendofthecondorheroes1 legendofthecondorheroes2

Guo Jing: 


Huang Rong: 


Guo Jing: 




And then a scene from SOTS that is SO SO SO SIMILAR!!


sevenofthesky1 sevenofthesky2 sevenofthesky3


sevenofthesky4 sevenofthesky5 sevenofthesky6 sevenofthesky7



sevenofthesky8 sevenofthesky9 sevenofthesky10


sevenofthesky11 sevenofthesky12






See what I mean!?!? It’s so similar!

I love how LOCH is so linked back to SOTS. Like, if you really pay attention… and I’ll write that in a totally new post! Hehehe.

If I’m ever going to cross-dress…

Question: You’re going to cross-dress, in as much details as possible, describe your character/image

From the one year challenge.. 

OMG! I would love love to cross-dress! One of the best thing I’ve ever dreamed of in the land of gender clothes. xDD Okay.. this is so totally not like me but, whatever. I know I’m not as great as the character I will be describing but, it’s a character I would love love to be like if I’m cross-dressing.

~~~ Outer Appearance ~~~

Hair – Would be put into a ponytail with bangs divided to the right. Using no hairpins or jewels or anything. 

Clothes – I would wear a light blue pants with a robe that is blue and a black sash/belt like thing that secures the clothes. 

Weapon – I would carry a fan with a beautiful poem written on it. (I mean, if I was a girl, it’ll be flowers… anyways..) A drawing of a beautiful colored sparrow would also be on it and represents the poem. 

Skill – Probably… pretending I don’t have skills. Hehe, so someone would come help me instead. I mean, if I act like Xiao’yu from The Proud Twins, being a trickster like him.. then, I probably won’t need to use any skills IF I have any.