Plum Blossoms Petals – One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!

Fantasy Zhu Xian (1)

Yesterday or today marks the day of Plum Blossoms Petals’ one year anniversary! I really can’t tell what’s wrong with wordpress… sometimes I post my post and the date is a day earlier… or a day behind.. or whatever, I didn’t keep track much and now don’t know what’s going on and the real date of the anniversary. But.. anyways…I have a few things to say. :D

Well, first of all, I’ve really enjoyed blogging although I might have unfinished works on here which I say I’ll do.. oops, I’m really really sorry about that, apologize alot, hope I can be forgiven. I also have a twitter and tumblr, if you don’t know about that yet, please check it out, there’s not much on it, more of chatting and reblogging but, it’s all cool.


Second of all, if you’re wondering, I started this blog all because of Sapphy’s 30 Day Challenge. And a year after that, which is right now, we’re doing another challenge and it’s based more on general everyday stuff, etc and that challenge is posted on tumblr. By we, I mean Drunkensword, Sapphiresky, and I.

For the year being.. I have been watching shows.. that has changed me, inspired me, motivated me, and I love it! I’ll be sure to still be blogging until the second anniversary comes around!

I also want to thank all my beautiful followers and readers for supporting my blog. I’ve really enjoyed all the talks I’ve had and enjoyed seeing the stats raise all the way!



The links below are links of my two fellow bloggers whom I’ve been friends with for a year now and one of them for more than a year. I really thank them (drunkensword and wuxiaedge) for supporting and helping me alllll the way until now. The links are very useful, so follow, like, and comment on their blogs! ^-^











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I hope we all have a good day and thanks so much for reading this long post of me just rambling on and on. And I’m very happy Plum Blossoms Petals is finally one years old! Wooohoo!! I hope to be better in the future and to develop my skills and talents to further promote Ancient Chinese Series/Wuxia genre. :D




I Hate You!!

Before I start anything, I’ll say I’m watching LOCH right now!! Yayy.. so, I got to a really good episode where it reminded me of SOTS! Unbelievable! I MEAN… THE TWO SCENES ARE SO SO SO SO SIMILAR!!!! I was excited to death! As you can probably guess.. it has something to do with the title. xD

As I was watching episode 19 of Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008, I came upon a scene where Huang Rong is really really mad at Guo Jing and she said she really hates him. Even though Guo Jing is not as smart, he knows that Huang Rong said that because she loves him. ^.^

Huang Rong: 

legendofthecondorheroes1 legendofthecondorheroes2

Guo Jing: 


Huang Rong: 


Guo Jing: 




And then a scene from SOTS that is SO SO SO SIMILAR!!


sevenofthesky1 sevenofthesky2 sevenofthesky3


sevenofthesky4 sevenofthesky5 sevenofthesky6 sevenofthesky7



sevenofthesky8 sevenofthesky9 sevenofthesky10


sevenofthesky11 sevenofthesky12






See what I mean!?!? It’s so similar!

I love how LOCH is so linked back to SOTS. Like, if you really pay attention… and I’ll write that in a totally new post! Hehehe.

If I’m ever going to cross-dress…

Question: You’re going to cross-dress, in as much details as possible, describe your character/image

From the one year challenge.. 

OMG! I would love love to cross-dress! One of the best thing I’ve ever dreamed of in the land of gender clothes. xDD Okay.. this is so totally not like me but, whatever. I know I’m not as great as the character I will be describing but, it’s a character I would love love to be like if I’m cross-dressing.

~~~ Outer Appearance ~~~

Hair – Would be put into a ponytail with bangs divided to the right. Using no hairpins or jewels or anything. 

Clothes – I would wear a light blue pants with a robe that is blue and a black sash/belt like thing that secures the clothes. 

Weapon – I would carry a fan with a beautiful poem written on it. (I mean, if I was a girl, it’ll be flowers… anyways..) A drawing of a beautiful colored sparrow would also be on it and represents the poem. 

Skill – Probably… pretending I don’t have skills. Hehe, so someone would come help me instead. I mean, if I act like Xiao’yu from The Proud Twins, being a trickster like him.. then, I probably won’t need to use any skills IF I have any. 

Liebster Award!!!

Thanks to Drunkensword, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award!

Questions from Drunkensword are of the following:

1. Favorite Weapon:
I would say it’s got to be the whip that Lin Yue’ru uses from Chinese Paladin. It’s really awesome to see her control the whip really easily.

2. Most funny drama series moment you can remember:
Funny Jianchi from Xuan Yuan Sword: Rift of the Sky. I really love that moment he lost his souls and he woke up, being like a kid. xD Love that part.

3. Most complicated drama you ever saw:
Dong Yi. Dong Yi is a Korean ancient drama and tells the story of a girl named Dong Yi. Seriously I’ve never understood the drama and I watched it in Thai dubbed. I never really know which girl is which because all the girls looks the same and it’s just soo uggh, hard to understand.

4. Your role model: 
My role model will be Hu Ge!! Even though I’m a girl, I really look up to him and such.

5. Favorite conspiracy theory (can be anything you think is secretly happening): 
Hu Ge and Ariel Lin are secretly dating… Hahaha. (I wish)

6. Who would you cosplay: 
I would cosplay Lin Yue’ru from Chinese Paladin 1!! I really love her clothes, she’s wearing pants, but at the same time, it’s girl clothes.

7. Two actors that would have to collaborate in a drama:
Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge would definitely have to collaborate in a show together as a couple! I’ve only seen promos of them together, why not a show? It wouldn’t hurt. :D

8. Cpop, Kpop, or Classical music?
C-pop and K-pop. More on the side of C-pop.

9. Reincarnation or vanishing in thin air?
Reincarnation please, would love to see the many changes throughout the lifetimes. Although I’ve always thought vanishing into thin air is really beautiful.

10. A poem, give me a poem.
Falling Flowers by Li Shang Yin is a good poem. Also call Luo de Huahui.

 Nàgè bīnkè dōu shì lí qù de cóng xiè gāo
Guests are departing from the pavilion high
Huāhuì dōu shì pósuō zhōuwéi zài nàgè xiǎo huāyuán
Flowers are whirling around in the little garden
Yán ràozǔ lùjìng nàgè huābàn huǎngyán
Along the winding path that petals lies
Xiàng dǎzhāohū nàgè xiéyáng Tāmen piāoyí qǐlái cóng nàgè dìmiàn
To greet the setting sun, They drift up from the ground
Chángduàn, wǒ bùrěn duì sǎo tāmen lí
Heartbroken, I could not bear to sweep them away
Cóng wǒ de shuāngyǎn, chūntiān hěn kuài jiù xiāoshī
Spring soon disappeared from my eyes
Wǒ hūn tóng lùguò, de xīnzàng de yùwàng yíshī yǒngyuǎn
I pine with the passing of the heart’s desire lost forever
Méishénme jiùshì líkāile dàn yī chángpáo zhān shàng tóng liúlèi
Nothing is left but a robe stained with tears

My questions!!

1. How did you came up with your blog name?
2. Your favorite voice actor/actress in a drama/show (if their is one).
3. A favorable memory of a drama/show. 
4. What’s your opinion on CGI works?
5. Sacrificing yourself for love? Or the world?
6. Most saddest scene in a drama/show?
7. Which drama/show do you watch the most?
8. How old is your blog now?
9. Favorite drama character.
10. What’s your motto in life?

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Thoughts And Favorite Scenes


This post was inspired by.. Sapphy!! Since I’m lazy, I will be incorporating this onto the one year challenge also.

I want to talk about a few scenes from these shows —-> Xuan Yuan Sword: Rift of the Sky, Seven of the Sky, Chinese Paladin 1, Chinese Paladin 3, and Yi Zhi Mei!! Yes, a show I haven’t talk about as much at all, Yi Zhi Mei!

Seven of the Sky

seven_of_the_sky (53)


I really enjoy this scene… which is known as.. “The Hate Scene”!!!!

I like this scene because I think it’s really heart touching. I think this is a really memorable scene and really portrays how in a relationship, you can show love through hate. The love and hate thing is like a coin with two sides, hate is just another side of saying love, like how tails is also another part of the coin.


Another scene is “The Rain Scene”

I really love this scene. They both withstand the rain together and all the words coming from Xiao’qi’s mouth is something that you can never actually hear from someone. The way Huang Yiqing voiced this part also add something more touching to it, with the song in the background, the scene that was filmed in. I totally admired this scene alot because this scene was after the misunderstandings of Digua’s mother and Xiao’qi hating each other and Xiao’qi thinking that Digua is going to marry Saijin.


The last scene I want to talk about is.. I have no title for it, so I’ll just say the moment Erlang Shen and Earth Deity came to get Xiao’qi. (Such a long name. If anyone has a suggested name for this scene, please tell me so I can mention it next time talking to another SOTS fan!!!!)

This scene is definitely my most favorite scene in SOTS! It’s a scene that I’ve always remembered and loved and admired from the show and it’s also another scene that just made me started loving Wuxia dearly, so you can say it changed me.

I like this scene because it had alot of love in it. I can feel the heartbreaking tone coming from their voices while they’re getting separated. The fact that Digua was still able to withstand all that pain was really amazing. I noticed that the only pain that he wasn’t able to withstand was when Xiao’qi said that she didn’t love him and all. For me, it was really heartbreaking to watch because Xiao’qi had to say something which she didn’t want to do and having to force herself to say it in order to save Digua. Totally one of the best scenes in SOTS.

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei



This is a really hilarious scene!!

This bathing scene is so incredibly funny. This was one of the clips that I watched before actually watching the show because I thought the show wouldn’t be good. I honestly think this was a really hilarious scene because of the fact that he just wouldn’t bath!

This brings back something we talked in science class a few days ago. We were learning about the water cycle and we were supposed to bring in two topics to talk about. After talking and talking, we came to the topic of how to save water because each human being uses up a whole ton of water (honestly, more than that but, I forgot the number). So, this scene came into mind. I was about to say to the class that we can just bath three times in our life to save water, once when you’re born, once when you’re wed, and one last time when you die. But, I didn’t want to have to explain to them about the scene from the show and making them think I was a weirdo, because haven’t you ever have that time when someone tells a joke and you didn’t understand? and just laughed really awkwardly? I didn’t want to be that person who tells the joke.

Anyways, seriously, one good way to save water. xD


Another scene I really likes comes from episode 1 of the show, towards the end where they first met Xiaomei. (From 35:30 – 40:15). The scene where Xiaomei and Chai Hu were talking together is the scene which I am talking about. This scene is after Xiaomei had performed his opera show.

I like that scene because Xiaomei was like just talking and calling Chai Hu his brother.. which the name Xiaomei says is Hu Ge (AHHH!! Hu Ge!! xDD). Chai Hu was saying all sorts of things about not needing Xiaomei to help them and paying Xiaomei to sell him a smile, haha. And then Xiaomei goes behind that board and came back out the other side, fresh and in a new pair of clothes.

Like, who changes that fast!? Hahah, I think it’s really impressive how Chai Hu was as surprised as I was to how Xiaomei was so fast and then Xiaomei was disguised as Chai Hu and such, awesome!

Xuan Yuan Sword: Rift of the Sky



This scene is from halfway of episode 2 – part of 3. It starts on episode 2 at 33:00 – until episode 3 at 25:00.

I like this scene because it was all just like, “You do what I say or you smell my stinky boot”! Haha. I think this was a really nice scene because you get to see Jingchou and Yu’er collaborate together though they both hate each other so much! I love to see how they both fight and work together with one of their hands linked together. I mean, it must’ve took a long time to film that scene, so I really appreciate it and loved it!


Next scene I love is from episode 20 to part of 21!! Where they went to the undersea world to retrieve that artifact from the Queen. I think this was a really cool scene because again.. they mentioned Hu Ge!! And this was where Yu’er showed her love to Jingchou by sacrificing herself. I just love scenes where one partner sacrifices for the other because that shows alot of love!!

Chinese Paladin 3



This was my favorite part!! I thought this part was hilarious! Hahaha, when I first watched this part until now, I always flip over about how he was playing with them back and forth, trying to make them just answer a question for him. And the guards were just repeating the same thing back and forth. Very good tactic he used to make them speak! xDD


This part is awesome! I just think it was really funny how they were trying to imitate Jing Tian and destroy his most beloved items but, were totally not as good at it like how Jing Tian did to Changqing and made him wide awake and kept him awake throughout the whole thing while when they did it to JT, he was rather annoyed, haha.

Chinese Paladin 1



My favorite scene from CP1!!!! Woohoo! I really enjoy this scene because of 1) love the way Yue’ru and Xiao Yao bickers together 2) love the fighting and 3) love the way they took this at certain angles, certain pauses, just love it!


One last scene is the scene where Xiao Yao got drunk and Yue’ru was taking care of him. I forgot what episode that scene was in.. anyways, I really like that scene because you can see that Yue’ru loves Xiao Yao alot. He threw up all over her and she just gasps a little and cleaned up the mess and made him medicine. Lovely.


This is all the scenes I’ve got. Of course, there are many many many many many many many (x999,999,999 more manys) more scenes I love from many these shows I’ve mentioned. With the fact that I’ve forgotten most of the beautiful scenes from these shows, it’s hard to talk about them.

One beautiful moment was, I went back to watch episode 11 of SOTS this morning and didn’t even remember about the scene where the school went to watch The Lotus Lantern opera and Digua’s mom and Xiao’qi were crying together and getting along!! Pretty amazing what there is to remember from shows like these.

Legend Adaption

Week 4: Best Adaption of a Novel (One Year Challenge) 

Instead of just best novels, I’ll be doing best legend!!

All those adaptions are good in their own ways considering CGI, clothes, actors, actresses, and how the story line was planned and made out. There are adaptions that changes how the characters really are, for example, if the character is supposed to be a guy but, then the creator of the show made a girl cross-dress as a guy and is later revealed to be a girl and a story behind the reason. Or characters that were supposed to die but, ended up living, or suppose to live but, ended up dying. Note that the following INCLUDES SPOILERS

I’ll be talking about a certain legend with I loved and adore most. There are many other adaptions but, this is one that I love alot and would like to share.

Seven of the Sky (Fairy From Wonderland, Tian Wai Fei Xian, 天外飞仙). This adaption is made in 2006 and made by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited or also known as Tangren.

seven_of_the_sky (34)

This show is adapted from a legend about the seventh princess/maiden from heaven and a mortal boy on earth named Dong Yong.

In my opinion, this is probably the best adaption of the legend. I mean, there might be other adaptions too but, this is one that I’ve watched, and loved and totally adore it to bits!

In this adaption, instead of just focusing on the two main characters, Dong Yong and the seventh princess, we have other characters and couples in the stories who have their own love stories; for example, Dong Yong’s parents, Fu Yuanbao and Cui Niang, Shangguan Haoqi and Saijin with Xiang Xue Hui (leopard cat), Xiao’er and Master Lao, and probably more. Instead of just Dong Yong and Xiao’qi in love together, there’s a love triangle between Ma Nana, Digua, and Xiao’qi.

In the legend, Dong Yong and the seventh maiden didn’t get to stay together, nor was their the part where she was sent and banished to the mortal world to accomplish 100 good deeds or where Digua find his way to Heaven just to see Xiao’qi and save her and be with her.

What I like about the adaption was that Digua and Xiao’qi were still able to love each other through all the obstacles that were thrown at them. They spent as much time together as possible and smiled as much, not caring about the consequences to be. They cared for each other and showed true love. Going through thick and thin to get to stay together, being tortured just to stay together for a while. Totally one of the best adaptions I’ve ever watched.